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Schneider Museum of Art Presents: A Solo Exhibition by Mel Prest: The Golden Hour” and “Sensate Objects”

The Schneider Museum of Art Presents: Fall 2022 Exhibition October 7- December 10, 2022

Museum Hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-4pm

A Solo Exhibition by Mel Prest: Mel Prest: The Golden Hour” in the Main gallery alongside a Mel Prest curated exhibition “Sensate Objects” in the Heiter and Treehaven galleries.

Opening Reception is October 6th from 5-7pm. 

Sensate Objects

…brings together the work of 13 visual artists engaged in abstract, contemporary painting and sculpture. The title reflects the accessible boundary of shape-shifting forms and materialized artworks. Using a range of historic, contemporary, and non-traditional art media such as watercolor, repurposed pipes, poured resin, papier-mâché, hand-dyed thread, gouache, digital weaving, and automotive paint, each artist charts their own personal direction.

During the Renaissance, paintings were described as a frame or a window depicting nature and three-dimensionality through the use of perspective and vanishing points. The paintings in this exhibition challenge this view and set aside the Renaissance relationship of space in favor of form. Some of the paintings become very object like themselves where the artist has taken the entirety of the work into consideration, not just the face of the painting.

The sculptures reject being seen as only an object. The work appears to flatten and become floating two-dimensional images. As the viewer moves through space and the work shifts in profile, the artwork becomes depressed, planed-out and something much like a suspended drawing. These sculptural, object-works employ rich textures and materiality, ranging from hand-hewn to nearly industrial finishes. This sensuous tactility is inspired by phenomena, gesture, and the material itself. Sensate Objects requires slow and sustained viewing for optimal effect.

Curated by Mel Prest

Friday, October 7 at 10:00am to 4:00pm

More dates through December 10, 2022

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