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Ben Johnson Mountain Gathering and Hike

We would love to show you this great opportunity about this wonderful Oregon gem.

The SOU Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) is partnering with the Oregon Black Pioneers (OBP) on an upcoming hike and community gathering to honor the recently renamed Ben Johnson Mountain in the Applegate Valley. We are looking for volunteers to help us make this a memorable event!

The event will be free. In order to help showcase the history of the site, SOULA and the Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) will be providing educational and interpretive stations as part of the event.  
SOULA is looking for students to help staff the booths- no experience necessary and we can reimburse for gas. We will have one booth that is partnered with the local Bureau of Land Management archaeologist that focuses on the history of the site and the other booth will focus on artifacts associated with blacksmithing (Ben Johnson's trade while he lived at the site). 
For more information on the event, follow this link:  
You can read more about the Oregon Black Pioneers here:
and find out more about the history of Ben Johnson Mountain here:
to find out more about the SOU Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA):


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Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 11:00am to 4:00pm

Cantrall Buckley County Park 154 Cantrall Road Jacksonville, OR 97530