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2023 Oregon Fringe Festival - Systems for Sculpture, Sculpture 4D Collective

Sculpture 4D Collective has considered what it means to create objects that exist in space and time. Systems for Sculpture is a variety of materials, methods, and processes to produce work with both individual presence and function. Sculpture exists in space as we do and it has form, presence, and weight. What are the systems that make things and what are the systems that function within things?

Sculpture 4D Collective is a fluid and ever changing group of artists from the Visual Arts Department at Southern Oregon University who work sculpturally, collaboratively, and cooperatively. Sculpture can exist in a myriad of expressions and forms and they produce as many different forms of sculpture as there are of them.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Art Building, Sculpture Building and Campagna Sculpture Garden
42.18501, -122.69281