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2023 Oregon Fringe Festival - Getting Out, Catherine Venegas-Garcia

In the bustling city streets, anything is possible… Getting Out follows the story of what it would be like to be given an opportunity to live in a metropolitan area. Each painting is drawn in a cartoonish style while depicting a slice-of-life comic and exploring the people, locations, freedom, and emotions that might form when being in a city. 

Catherine Venegas-Garcia was born in Edmonds, Washington, but moved to Oregon early on and has stuck around since. Currently, she’s pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Southern Oregon University. After graduating, she hopes to get into a combined J.D. and PhD Program. Catherine was always seen drawing instead of taking notes throughout elementary school and she has now taken her art to the next level through the exploration of different mediums.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Marion Ady Building, Print Making Hallway
1280 Siskiyou Blvd Ashland, OR 97520