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2023 Oregon Fringe Festival - Eve, You B*tch!, Rita Redd, M.R. Wiard, and Parker Boom

Content Warning: Themes of adult language, and graphic descriptions and imagery of birth, genital surgery, and dangerous birthing practices. 

In a time where the history regarding bodies of all kinds is being written and rewritten every passing day, Rita Redd, M.R. Wiard, and Parker Boom take a step back into the history of pregnancy, birthing and “mother”hood, starting all the way at the beginning with Eve and the Apple, and ending with modern times and the right to choose. In Eve, You B*tch!, the beauty, trauma, and choice of birth is explored through the eyes of the Mother, the Midwife, and the Child.

Rita Redd is an emerging writer from Las Vegas, Nevada currently transplanted in the evergreen Ashland, Oregon where she currently studies Creative Writing at Southern Oregon University. Rita dabbles in extreme lava lamp watching and avoiding the excruciating experience of being truly known. Her work can be found in the Lunch Break Zine, Wild Roof Journal, Book of Matches, Wellness Zine, and Jokes Literary Review.

M.R. Wiard spends most of their time drinking apple cider and watching terrible television shows. Their work has been published in Paper Gardens and Main Squeeze, and they are currently a student at Southern Oregon University.

Parker Boom is a writer from San Diego, California, but was born in the Central Valley of California, both places that she considers home. Parker is an avid consumer of coffee, history, peanut butter, and any and all concepts of the divine, and uses each to explore the balance between the abstract, the gritty, and the mundane. She is currently studying Creative Writing at Southern Oregon University. 

Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 8:00pm to 8:30pm

Digital Media Center (DMC), DMC Studio
1525 Webster St. Ashland, OR 97520