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2021 Oregon Fringe Festival: Q + A with Derek Keller

NorCal Water Music (NorCal) is part of Derek Keller’s Modular Music Project (MMP), which combines live performance, formal modularity, and mobile devices to create music and multimedia experiences. The parts, sections, and movements of these works are modular and there are guided improvisations. NorCal also has a visual projection component, which is managed by a ‘VJ’, who participates in the multimedia experience as well. Finally, the audience is invited to contribute to the performance with videos retrievable from Derek’s website and experienced on their mobile devices. NorCal thus functions in three ways: a concert hall piece, a participatory art installation, and a silent film with live accompaniment. To address the socio-political challenges of our contemporary moment, Derek has sought to create ‘living’ multimedia works in MMP.  In the case of NorCal, water, and the way we manage it, is the humanitarian challenge that we face.

Born from uncommon versatility as a composer and performer, Derek Keller's music explores hybridity between contemporary concert music, jazz, and rock. Currently, he is crafting multimedia works in his Modular Music Project. These pieces combine live performance, formal modularity, and the audience’s mobile devices to create experiences along the deterministic, improvisational, aleatoric continuum to address socio-political challenges of our moment. Derek has received commissions from Loadbang, SACRA/PROFANA, Citywater, Empyrean Ensemble, Fondation Royaumont, Redfish-BlueFish, NOISE, JitaZax, Cantoria, and Cappella Gloriana. His music has been performed in the Americas, Europe, China, and Australia. Derek is an Assistant Professor of Music at Southern Oregon University.

Citywater is Sacramento’s only ensemble dedicated to contemporary classical music. The ensemble strives to charm and challenge our audiences with the newest music written. Its main purpose is to fold Sacramento into the fabric of new American music history written large.

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Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 7:00pm to 7:30pm

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