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2021 Oregon Fringe Festival: (Mis)taken: Pantalone and The Search for the Missing Coins, Megan Jones and Austin Ewing

Pantalone, one of the most famous stock characters of Commedia Dell’arte, discovers that in the midst of the Pandemic, there has been a national coin shortage. Horrified about this economic disaster, he is determined to get down to the bottom of it (in the most ridiculous ways of course). Where did all of the coins go? Why isn’t anyone worried? Who took them? Pantalone is determined to get to the bottom of it… 

Megan Jones (Director) is a recent graduate from Southern Oregon University with a BFA in Theatre Performance. Falling in love with the art form, Commedia Dell’arte, Megan works with how these ancient stock characters interact with our modern world. Using masks and highly exaggerated physical forms, this allows each of her character’s hilariousness and human nature stand out. Pantalone, for example, is an old man, both ridiculous as he is vulnerable and loving. 

Austin Ewing (Actor, He/She/They) is a recent graduate from Southern Oregon University with a BFA in Theatre. Since graduating last year, he’s moved back home with his parents, something that they assumed would happen at some point after Austin announced that he was training to become an actor. Spending most of his days enjoying the basic joys of life, such as cooking, adventuring outside, and staring at a pocket-sized screen for eight hours a day, Austin hopes to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day despite the earth burning around us. 

Dial-In Information

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Friday, April 30, 2021 at 8:30pm to 9:00pm

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